Things they told you would happen in med school, and you listened, and you knew it would happen, but you just didn’t think it would be that bad

- being tired all the time
- like literally all. the. time.
- if I’m not moving or actively engaged for more than 10 minutes, I start falling asleep
- it’s 9:30pm right now. bedtime.

This week’s highlights:

1. I had another homeless patient; he came in for a rash all over his body and swollen, ulcerated lips. HIV+, schizophrenic, in the psych ward. My senior asked if he had ulcers inside his mouth too, so I went to examine him, and while looking in his mouth, also decided to sweep for masses under the tongue. No ulcers, no masses. When I reported my findings, everyone on my team reacted with, “um, you did what,” because apparently it is not recommended to stick your fingers in a HIV+ psych patient’s mouth cause they can bite you and you can get HIV. And that rash he had? Scabies. 

2. Patient greeting me with, “my dick hurts,” because he had severe body swelling and his penis looked like those little tube water balloon toys we played with back in the late 90s. 

3. Getting reamed by a GI fellow for not knowing my patient well enough and not being quick enough on my feet to answer her questions. She asked, “Is the PICC line clear?” and I said I don’t know because a) what does that even mean and b) oh do you mean if he’s gotten a chest x-ray to see if the PICC is in the right place because if so then yes he’s gotten a chest x-ray but it went through at 2:30 and right now it’s 3 so we haven’t gotten a chance to look at it yet. Apparently “I don’t know” is not good enough of an answer. 

4. Looking over behind me for my intern to bail me out but he just shrugs helplessly and I take the brunt of the GI fellow’s verbal lashings. 

5. It’s ok, she looks at colons for a living. 

6. Three more weeks of inpatient medicine. I gotta say, I definitely do not love this. 

I’m in class right now

For the past two weeks we’ve had four hours of lecture in the afternoon in addition to our daily duties and tasks in the hospital.

I just spent five total hours running around filing orders, seeing patients, checking labs, formulating plans, writing notes, and updating the online record we have—that I normally would have 11 hours to do.

Thank goodness my patients today have easy follow ups and I was able to get it all done so I don’t have to go back after lecture!

Oh yeah PS the point of this post was to share that I am falling asleep in lecture.

A box full of my favorite plain #glazed #donuts from the best care coordinator around #internalmed #rotation #medschool

A box full of my favorite plain #glazed #donuts from the best care coordinator around #internalmed #rotation #medschool

Step 1 scores are in

And I’m so, so, so happy. The actual score was a good 15+ points higher than my NBMEs (I took two of them, and got the exact same score on both of them). To be honest, I had to check multiple times to make sure that was my score and that they didn’t mistakenly send me someone else’s score, because I felt like absolute dog turds when I walked out of the Prometric center. 

And I got out early 

And I had a great workout

And I am in possession of chips that I have been craving since Monday

Everything’s coming up Christine today.

unconsciousplots said: Hi! Saw your post about Hasidic Judaism. I think others have already explained - in rather harsh tones, sorry 'bout that - that you've received inaccurate and even flat-out deceptive information. I'd recommend exploring Chabad-dot-org for accurate information on Hasidic Jewish lifestyles, and the reasons behind our practices. I assure you the reality is far more interesting than nonsense about being 'impure' on our periods! If you have any particular questions, I'll do my best to answer.

This has been, by far, the most “controversial” post I’ve written here, and it seems like there are a lot of pissed off people out there—for that, I want to apologize. It was definitely not my intent to poke at any sensitive subjects; I hope that everyone can see that I was only reporting what I read in these books. I definitely didn’t mean that these subjective accounts are the end-all-be-all when it comes to Judaism, or Hasidic Judaism, or any of the people who are associated with the community, and I am in no way proclaiming to know everything about the culture. 

I am definitely familiar to there being two sides (or more, or even a mixture of multiple) sides to every story, and that is the entire reason I didn’t take Unorthodox as bond. Instead, I chose to read a bit more. Yes, Unchosen is still affiliated with those who are unhappy/questioning with the lifestyle, and yes, I do realize that there many, many people within the community who are happy with the way they choose to live their lives. In fact, I believe that in order to have such a sustained community the vast majority must be happy. 

But this is not the end of my wanting to learn about the religion and the culture. I may not have started on the side of the people who are happily observant, but I will make my way there. Like everyone has very clearly pointed out, it is rather narrow to obtain one viewpoint without a drive to explore others, and I have no intention of this being the only perspective I expose myself to. 

For all the “OP is so condescending” or “fuck off” comments I have received, there have been equal numbers of genuine comments that offer clarification and polite nudges of “hey, this isn’t the whole story; in fact, some of it is wrong.” Thank you for this. When I find some more time outside of my busy work schedule (sigh, I haven’t even gotten a chance to finish Unchosen), I will definitely take you up on your offers. 

For those who are telling me to butt out and quit speaking on something I know nothing about, you are the ones being narrow-minded. I have never claimed to be an expert on the topic, and I have made every effort to frame my findings (based on my readings) without a negative slant. You will notice that even when I described the bit on niddahI said it was “seemingly absurd” because of the very fact that I am a “secular reader.” And yeah, to me, it is infinitely fascinating, just like some people find Tibetan Buddhism infinitely fascinating, or some people find home-brewing beer infinitely fascinating, and they choose to learn more about it. What a boring life to lead if no one took the initiative to find out more about things that interest them, if no one broadened their scope and world view. 

In any case, I want to say again that I’m sorry to anyone I offended with my words—it was by and far not my intent. I am not sorry, however, for being interested, and I am definitely not sorry for wanting to know more. 

And again, thanks to all the kind people who have offered me their own insights—you’ll be hearing from me soon. x 

As promised, this is my new major obsession: the Hasidic Jewish people of Williamsburg, NY. My best friend and I (dressed similarly in joint-baring secular clothing) got lost there one day and noticed that men and women alike (although more men than women) kept crossing the street to avoid us. We noticed that they didn’t seem to be speaking English, and those who did seemed to have a heavy accent of some sort. I had to find out more. 

I borrowed Unorthodox, which is a memoir from a girl who escaped the community with her son. It was a more personal account of life events in her community, and it really left something to be desired after I finished reading it. That’s when I decided to pick up Unchosen, an expose-type work written by a sociology PhD by interviewing different people within (and recently cast out of) the community. It has a more objective tone and describes multiple persons’ experiences, which I like because it gives a broader scope into the cultures and traditions of these people. 

I won’t ruin it all for you, but I’ll instead leave you with this seemingly absurd tidbit (at least to the secular reader) regarding their culture:

Whenever a woman has her period, she is considered impure, and her husband cannot touch her and often does not even share the same bed as her. In order to re-purify herself, she must present 14 white panties (one worn in the morning, one at night for 7 days) to the rabbi who will determine by the stain on those panties whether or not she is off her period. And when he gives the go-ahead, she will go and bathe herself in a holy bath to once again be presented as pure to her husband. 

This is so infinitely fascinating to me. 

The last of the Boston eats photos, featuring the Harpoon Brewery:

And then we took a tour of the place, and it was really cool seeing all the big whirlers and what-have-you making the delicious brews we got to try. 

A series of not-the-best pictures from one of my best med school friend’s weddings (I was too busy looking with my eyes to take great pictures):

Today in Medicine

Internal Medicine Orientation in 35 minutes

Sorry I’ve been so MIA—between the east coast trip and back to back to back procedural skills workshops + third year orientations, there hasn’t been much time for posting. All I’ve been using my free time for is eating, sleeping, and spending time with my boyfriend (who is on a different track and I’ve been coping with the idea of not seeing him much this year). 

Some updates:

Kisses x 

Hello I’m (almost) back! Currently waiting at Dulles for my connecting flight home, which is in another hour, so the time is ripe for another photo dump:

1. Chicken over rice from the halal trucks in NYC. The best comfort food for $5 my tummy has ever experienced, and a must-have every time I make a trip out there. There should be one of these by every school type setting because they would make a killing.
2. The most amazing gelato from il laboratorio del gelato in the Lower East Side, right across the street from Katz’s on Houston. We went there twice in three days. What you see pictured is passion fruit (the most exquisite tartness) with strawberry. Other flavors included honey lavender, vanilla saffron, and fruit sorbets that actually taste like fruit.
3. My best friends from high school, the four musketeers, our pictures exactly 8 years apart. We age well :)
4. ROTI!! This is a from a small Trinidad-Tobagoan cafe in the middle of Bed-Stuy and it’s basically a bean- filled tortilla stuffed with veggies and chicken curry. Amazing.
5. April took me to the Hasidic Jewish grocery store for rugelach and fruit. I have a newfound fascination with that population because of their secrecy—it just makes me want to know more about them. I already read Unorthodox (a memoir of a girl who left the Hasidic community) and have ordered Unchosen (an expose by a sociologist on the community).
6. On the drive up to Boston from NYC my med school friends and I stopped at Super Duper Weenie, featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. It’s in Fairfield, CT, and their statue is a thing of nightmares.
7. I ordered the New Englander: all beef frank, hot mustard, sauerkraut, homemade relish, and raw onions. 7/10
8. Their FRIES. Peppery, crispy amazingness. 9/10